Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dear Diary 18/12/08

Like a lot of gals I am skint hahah. There's never enough money to buy the clothes or the make especially when you're young or unable to work. I fall into the latter so I have to be careful aout my spending habbits anyway.

Today it got that little bit harder. The Job Center decided in their infinite wisdom, to suspend my benefit payments. You can imagine how ecstatic this made me. Still I didn't let it ruin my day. To celebrate my misery, I went into town and ate sushi for £1 a plate for lunch, washed down with green tea, and then finished off my christmas shopping. Now I just have to wrap everything and hope for the bloody best.

The worst bit was going into a nail salon to buy some OPI nail lacquers and some of the sample nails they had where AMAZING. I very nearly blew £30 I didn't have on getting my nails done. I've made a mental note of the place and I'm going to go in there again when I have the cash to get them done and decoed up. I was also happy to note that this place sells China Glaze and Essie nail polish too so I suspect much money will be spent on those...well if I have any money.

Ja Ne!
Kotoko xoxo

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