Monday, 15 December 2008

Dear Diary 15/12/08


So this morning I was supposed to go out to the job center. Only I had I slept through my alarm so I woke up when I was supposed to e there for my appointment. Not a great start to the day. I would have had to tone down being gal though and wear more smart clothes so I'd look a bit more serious. So instead of shorts or skinny jeans, it was pin stripe trousers. Still I made a new appointment for slightly later in the week so it's all good.

A good thing did happen today though. I've been looking for a great eyebrow colour for some time now as must eyebrow pencils are warm toned rather than ashy. I do have an eyebrow pencil but it really doesn't look right on me. So anyway, then I remembered about this max factor eyeshadow I have that I've yet to use so I take it out and try it and low and behold, it's perfect. The only problem is the shimmer in it but it's not noticeable at all except really really up close.

The colour is 495 Smokey Gold. It does have gold tones in it but again it's not noticeable on your brows. I'm happy with it anyway.

So that's really my news for today. For now I'm going to continue eating my chicken noodles and drinking green tea which is my favourite snack.

Ja Ne!

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